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 15-inch Major i7 Dell studio 15 Evaluate.

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PostSubject: 15-inch Major i7 Dell studio 15 Evaluate.   Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:46 pm

Dell recording studio 1557 Dell 15-inch brands, the series has been launched for many years, its excellent design and additionally high price to win the favor of a lot of users, the new studio 1557 is upgraded towards a new i7 processor, strong The performance brought us an alternative studio experience. Dell Studio 1557 employed Q820QM processor analysis (A)The new architecture belonging to the mobile version of Key i7 processors, two for mid-major difference is the fact that the 1. 6GHz and 1. 73GHz Major i7 720QM the Central i7 820QM, in addition to a extreme product to 2GHz Primary i7 920XM Extreme. The fresh new Intel Core i7 820QM may be a native quad-core design with the CPU, the Nehalem design, advanced, compared to the prior generation of Core two significantly improved and much better, adding to the three-level cache method, intelligent acceleration, integrated DDR3 remembrance controller technology. The fresh mobile version of Heart i7, on behalf within the core models of three-digit number as soon as the code for the cellular platform-XM (Extreme Edition Mobile) and also QM (Quad Core Mobile), respectively, represent the absolute best mobile and quad-core wireless version. The new Calpella platform were conjecture as Centrino 3 program, but Intel has decided to continue for ages played down the Centrino make, Centrino brand will be mainly applied to wireless LAN products, rife with "Core" to promote all the brand notebook processor system. Beginning of a fresh Calpella platform for high-end cellular users, mainly dealing having quad-core, currently consists connected with three products Core i7-920XM Intense, Core i7-820QM, Core i7-720QM, clocked within 2. 0GHz/1. 73GHz and 1. 6GHz, three-level cache, respectively 8MB/8MB/6MB, every support Hyper-Threading and Turbo Raise acceleration technology, thermal design power all the way to 55W/45W/45W, integrated memory controller (supports DDR3-1333)Dell Dojo 1557 used Q820QM chipset conclusion (B)Intel Core i7 820QM is known as a native quad-core design within the CPU, the Nehalem design, advanced, compared to the prior generation of Core two significantly improved and much better, adding to the three-level cache method, intelligent acceleration, integrated DDR3 remembrance controller technology. On the particular Nehalem architecture, from pre-release examine of server and laptop look, can be which is used to describe the amazing. And with the server space, Nehalem is just before all previous generation goods, in just two sectors, Nehalem architecture of the 5500 few sales to occupy half the market. Dell Studio 1557 put into use Q820QM memory control analysis (C)Intel Nehalem is a the high hopes of don't just want the server in order to sweep the field "glue quad-core" with the haze, on the computer also Yiqijuechen. Steeper Intel announced Nehalem at without needing 鈥嬧€媏mbedded devices. 2009 IDF, Intel's to start with lecture is "unified research architecture", implying: Nehalem architecture is definitely the DNA double helix with regards to ubiquitous. The new cell phone version of Core i7, regarding the core models of three-digit number following your code for the wireless platform-XM (Extreme Edition Mobile) as well as QM (Quad Core Mobile), respectively, represent the absolute best mobile and quad-core wireless version. Calpella platform depends on 45nm process solutions Nehalem architecture processors, which can be, we have seen previously mentioned products. Integrated memory controller regarding Calpella, North Bridge chipset with the necessity to access memory info, greatly reducing the memory latency in the extent of the trend, and significantly increased ram bandwidth, while doubling a storage performance improvement. Pacific Internet in the last evaluation, we see SSD storage device on the overall performance in accordance with mechanical impact. In fact during the CPU, memory and harddrive echelon between the long-standing requirements of magnitude performance big difference, it is precisely that's why, x86 processor, the frequency of war visited an end. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Integrated memory controller and QPI bus with the hands of Intel, contains played a deadly lore value. AMD's technical director fails to know this would not really be vomiting blood. AMD enclosed memory controller, although the particular initiator, but provides to your Intel Strike At Coronary heart. Calpella platform is the best suspense: the integrated memory space controller and QPI for high parallel server conditions, allowing plenty of an array of data streams to give food to the hungry heart. Nevertheless desktop, especially notebooks still didn't found such a powerful computing needs. Nehalem architecture do not notebook platform powerless? The core an area of the Calpella platform will be built with an integrated North Brdge memory controller originally - can support DDR3 storage specification of IMC, it would bring higher bandwidth intended for notebook and reduce total power consumption; the spouse part GFX graphics model PCI-E bus can assistance external graphics, FDI could also be a dedicated graphics tour bus, the result will become a reality by the PCH interface output for the display device, and include integrated graphics core GMA 4500MHD GMA 4500M together with two, which is all the core frequency higher, holds full high-definition hardware decoding. PCH chip an area of the new integrated South Connection I / O features and North Bridge Showcase Management Engine (ME) capabilities, also added NVM, Clock Buffers besides other modules. It is also within this basis, Intel mobile platform during the elimination of the front-side bus (FSB) specification favoring the use of new high-speed convergence (QPI) specific features. CPU's internal use within the new QPI bus that will communicate. Caching system, an alternative three-level cache design, the introduction belonging to the new Smart Cache clever caching technology, L1 and L2 cache in the kernel cache, with ultra-low latency, which via the L1 cache 32KB +32 KB training cache, data cache features. 256KB of L2 cache in each core (256KB x 4). L3 utilising shared design, Core i7-920XM together with Core i7-820XM capacity about 8MB, shared by all cores for the chip, in order to make certain maximum efficiency of multi-core processing. Dell Studio 1557 put to use Q820QM Core Product multi-threaded and additionally Technical Analysis (IV)Hyper-Threading Engineering (Hyper-Threading, referred to like HT), first appeared inside 2002, the Pentium 3, it is the usage of special hardware instructions towards a computing element simulation into two logical units, with the intention that more threads in parallel computer processor, and thus best with multi-threaded operating systems and software to raise the CPU efficiency. Intel is actually in several years to give up Hyper-Threading know-how, because the memory is normally insufficient bandwidth, saturation physics processing unit allowing it to not run, but furthermore brought frequent thread converting overhead, processing performance in so many cases falling instead of growing. With the memory throughput about excellence, based on the particular Core i7 Nehalem buildings re-introduced Hyper-Threading technology, quad-core Core i7 are designed for eight threads operations, noticeably enhanced its multi-threaded effectiveness. Hyper-Threading Technology requires only consume a minute core area of 鈥嬧€媡he cost, you can multi-task offer to you significant performance improvements, versus a physical core completely after which you can add it to cost far more. Compared to the Pentium 3 Hyper-Threading Technology, Core i7 is the main benefit of larger cache and increased memory bandwidth, so more allowed to effectively play the job of multi-threading. According for the statement, Nehalem's HT may raise very little energy in the event that, so that 20-30% effectiveness increase. World War II due to their frequency power, process besides other reasons the occasion associated with a dead-end, multi-core has become in order to improve performance. But for instance the classic theory tells us that your same calculation, based about SMP (symmetric multi-processor system) in addition to multi-core systems, face the additional two serious problems: multiple processing cores to locate memory or memory is among the most most prominent performance bottleneck; in order that the entire software industry, especially the desktop to help with parallel processing design is a lot more difficult task. This just isn't difficult to understand initially the Nehalem architecture being used in the server room, and in the industry of desktop and cellular but half a exhausted slower. Dell Studio 1557 exhibit performance testAMD's next-generation Transportation Radeon HD4530 graphics cards with the mainstream notebook chip, the nation's core and Mobility Radeon HD4330, choose the 55nm process technological know-how design, the core provides 80 stream processors, DirectX 10. 1 guidance for special effects and additionally video support UVD2 components decoding engine. Mobility Radeon HD4530 is actually as a Mobility Radeon HD4330 high-frequency variant, in theory there will probably be some performance improvement. AMD Activity Radeon HD4530 full help for Microsoft DirectX 10. 1 API, that Unified Video DECoder 3 technology, the hardware can assist with 1080P high-definition video framework playback, integrated HDMI 7. 1-channel stereo module, dual-DisplayPort module, as a consequence providing the HDMI program and two a DisplayPort user interface, can achieve video and additionally audio line output. Guidance CrossfireX technology, allowing near future notebook has more gambling performance. In addition, the fresh new core also has any ATI PowerPlay, ATI PowerXpress at ATI Switchable Graphics engineering. Dell Studio 1557 model performance testing and configurationDell Facilities 1557 hard testing by using a single block 320G 5400 RPM hard drive to guarantee the transmission rate, measured performance mind-set, the drive control cpu, an excellent occupancy pace, the average transmission to make sure you 69. 3MB, test records, both from the tranny speed or burst read speed may be very stable. Vista machine efficiency, scoring a 4. 7 cartomancy the bottleneck machine, not surprisingly, from the current edit've examined the i7 i7 mobile computer notebook run HD4530 happens to be the lowest level regarding graphics. Dell Studio 1557 take advantage of stand-alone ATI Mobility Radeon HARLEY-DAVIDSON 4530 graphics card, 512MB random access memory, Memory Interface 64bit, number 400/600MHz, DirectX version 10. 0 Shader Mannequin 4. 0, supports L. 264 VC-1 HD, built-in stereo audio chip head unit, speaker for the built-in tandum stereo speakers. CPU purposes the Intel Core i7, Q820 number 1. 73GHz, secondary cache 6144KB, FSB 1333MHz, traditional memory capacity 2GB, Random access memory type DDR3.
Power Descriptions:
Battery capacity: 6-cell lithium Dell Recording studio 1557 battery (5600mAh)Working moment: 2-3 (hours)Power supply: 100-240V AIR-CON, 50/60Hz universal power adapterEndurance: Medium sized
Summary: Dell Studio 1557 superior continuation of the Facility Series appearance design course of action, the main black color provides a more mature visual entertainment; performance is not likewise worried, with a quad-core i7 cpu 820QM surging power, led in overall performance of efficient enjoy, believe that any high-end business applications and mmorpgs are completely self-evident. Sorry to say, moving slightly in portable performance is simply not ideal, but it's HD4530 video clip card with relatively low capability further weaken the whole performance advantages inside the game.
Dell Studio 1535 Electric Dell Studio 15 Power supply <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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15-inch Major i7 Dell studio 15 Evaluate.
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