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 Setting up A Handy Man Company.

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PostSubject: Setting up A Handy Man Company.   Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:00 pm

What 's got you all motivated to start your own handy man business? Could it have something to do with the fact that all your friends and relations call you every time the require help repairing something? They all know that there is knowledge, experience, and the tools to fix almost whatever.
Although you really do like the challenge of completing household projects, isn’ t it time that you purchase more than a handshake along with a smile for those endeavors? It does feel good to know that they appreciate any help, but wouldn’ t it feel even better to get handed a check so its possible to pay your bills? Your labor is merely worth more than just gas money for your job well done!
Beginning steps as a Professional Invaluable Man
Obviously, this has been what's on your mind or you wouldn’ t be here. Now, what steps should begin your handy dude business? You have already procured your business’ s biggest expense— tools! Since you have been doing repairs for anyone, you probably have enough tools so you can get your business started.
Advertise Yourself without charge!
If you already have a very good pick-up truck, you could have a sign with the company logo and number quietly. This is like an absolutely free ad, seen by thousands as you may drive around. You provide that painted on ones truck. Another idea is to use a sign made that could be put on and removed to alter your design a different vehicle.
Cause it to be Official
What next? Just before you start professionally advertising your providers, you need a motto. Hopefully, the name you have chosen is memorable and will bring in potential customers. Register for a D. B. A. (doing online business as); this will safe and sound that company name simply because your own— and allows you to receive checks under the fact that name.
Contact the Small Business Association to get a regulations that you must abide by when advertisements your qualifications for engaging in any particular service. It's an important step. Not having that knowledge, you can get have legal problems. Such as, you can’ t advertise that you will electrical repairs for anybody who is not licensed as a great electrician.
Here are a few other things to consider:
* The way in which will customers contact a person: Business line, cell, or simply home phone?
* Can you open a separate savings account to deposit company assessments?
* How will you go about filing your business fees?
* Do you need to be bonded and insured?
* What amount of will you charge for one service call?
* Contemplating accepting credit cards as well as checks or cash?
For anybody who is planning to accept a credit card, you will have you need to do some research about the fact that. That will add an additional business expense.
Assuming you are getting a cell phone to implement for your business calling, this is another cost that you must consider. One positive thing is certainly that business expenses are usually deducted when you record your taxes.
Don’ t Toss in the towel Too Soon!
New businesses are not anticipated to be completely profitable for that first 5 years that they can be in operation. Be persistent!
You are beginning an awesome adventure! When all those close friends call you to fix something, keep this on your mind. Although you may prefer to give them a cheap, don’ t give your talented work away without charge anymore! Tactfully remind people you happen to be now a professional, operating your own private handy man business. They can respect you more for that.
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Setting up A Handy Man Company.
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