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pavilion dv7 battery
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 How National Security Depends on Better Lithium Batteries.

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PostSubject: How National Security Depends on Better Lithium Batteries.   Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:36 pm

Lithium spontaneously combusts with air, yet the battery in your computer梐nd any of the stacks in the new variety of electric vehicles梚s made as a result. Lithium even burns inside water, which is too bad as a lithium-water battery could become both cheap and ultra powerful. Now battery-maker PolyPlus claims to have created such a battery power by encasing the lithium in the special membrane that enables it to pass cost without melting down.

"Lithium is explosive in water, " Arun Majumdar, director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency朎nergy, or ARPA杄, which is finance PolyPlus's development effort, noted at the agency's second annual national gathering March 1. By ensconcing the lithium inside the membrane's seal, the PolyPlus battery reacts safely while using the oxygen dissolved in the stream and delivers as much as 1, 300 watt-hours each kilogram of electricity. "This is like a fish, but it's a battery. "

PolyPlus is just one of several better battery-makers which usually ARPA杄 is funding, all attempting to improve upon a regular lithium ion battery's just about 400 watt-hours per kilogram梩he reasons why all-electric cars don't possess long distance range of your traditional automobile. The program梔ubbed BEEST, for Batteries for Electrical energy Storage in Transportation梙as funded 10 projects in all of the, ranging from rechargeable electric battery composed entirely of strong materials to high-energy denseness capacitors. "Just like Intel Interior, I hope you have BEEST in your electric cars in the future, " Majumdar said.

Reinventing the battery is the only way available today to both reduce use of oil and bring manufacturing jobs here we are at the U. S., Secretary of energy Steven Chu told discussion attendees. John Goodenough at the University of Texas developed the lithium ion battery available today梑ut Japanese and Korean companies now produce one of the most globally. "Just because we shed the lead doesn't mean we can't get it back, " Chu claimed, referencing battery technology coming from Argonne National Laboratory at this moment being licensed by Basic Motors and LG.

Ultimately, better batteries梠r finding a way to keep lithium from combusting around air, like PolyPlus and typically the Missouri University of Science and Technology are trying to do梒an result in lessening the demand for brought in oil that sends $1 billion on a daily basis abroad, largely to North america, Middle Eastern countries in addition to Venezuela. "Our national security is very dependent on energy safety, " Chu noted. "Energy we create at home is wealth creation at your home. "
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How National Security Depends on Better Lithium Batteries.
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