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pavilion dv7 battery
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 Diagnose the issue Through Your Exhaust.

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Diagnose the issue Through Your Exhaust. Empty
PostSubject: Diagnose the issue Through Your Exhaust.   Diagnose the issue Through Your Exhaust. EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 2:49 pm

Any time you think of your car and what makes it fast or well-performing or efficient, you in all probability don’ t think for the exhaust. There are many different exhausts in existence but they all help you see what’ s doing inside your car, just via the colour of the fumes they emit.
The exhaust system strengthens transporting the burned exhaust or combustion gases, out of your car’ s engine and out via the tail pipe. The exhaust system is largely just a long tube placed on the engine and extending out the rear of the vehicle. It consists of many parts just as exhaust manifold which is attached directly to the side of the engine is the first part to take delivery of the burned exhaust unwanted gas.
There are also that exhaust pipes which take the whole blow of the exhaust system in addition to the muffler and catalytic converter, all of which keep your car looking.
If you are not just a mechanic or a car expert and discover yourself out driving alone collectors car starts spouting coloured smoke through the exhaust pipe, the colour and density on the fumes may help you diagnose the situation and therefore make the appropriate decisions to ensure you will get to a garage safely.
The best kind of smoke to come out of your exhausts would be colourless for example all is well in the engine and is generally a symptom of good vehicle health.
There are, however, four bad colours to consider when driving. If colour of your smoke is certainly white, that means anti-freeze may just be burning in the piston cyndrical tube. While this may not mean anything to your account, a mechanic will know that this has happened because of a cracked head, blown gasket and cylinder block.
Thick black smoke usually means that there is too much fuel and not just enough air in the combustion chamber. In infrequent cases, this can be resulting from weak fuel pressure producing fuel to 'drip' from injectors ?nstead of 'spray'.
Any grey smoke emitting out of your car’ s exhaust is generally caused by the foot brake fluid. This generally implies that your brake’ s master cylinder is bad and it is getting sucked through the vacuum brake hose, so make sure to drive safely and not brake too soon, too often.
Blue cigarette smoke, which is a rare and really odd sight to observe, is caused by all the burning of oil from the combustion chamber. Normal reasons for this are weak piston jewelry, bad valve guides, bad valve seals or perhaps plugged up engines usually due to a lack of oil alterations.
While this is most of very technical, it can offer you an idea involving what maybe wrong in your car and how to push it until you reach somewhere safe to cease.
If any of all of these symptoms arise, be sure to take auto to the nearest garage on to get it checked outside, as the longer those problems are left your worse they become allowing it to end up costing that you a fortune.
To avoid any of these problems make sure vehicle is well maintained, is serviced regularly and it is properly cared for.
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Diagnose the issue Through Your Exhaust.
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