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pavilion dv7 battery
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Toshiba Pc Batteries _2. Empty
PostSubject: Toshiba Pc Batteries _2.   Toshiba Pc Batteries _2. EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 2:27 pm

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Extending the Life of Your Laptop Battery Most modernMost contemporary} laptops use a lithium ion battery. These batteries have a typical shelf life of two to three years with estimates of a 20% loss in capacity every year. These numbers aren鈥檛 very encouraging for a laptop owner, however there are many means of extending a laptop鈥檚 battery life that most of us are unaware of.I had been somewhat sceptical when researching the subject, expecting that extending the life span cycle of a laptop battery would be a hassle (and indeed some of the suggestions believe way at first), however there are several interesting findings and tips that one can follow to complete exactly that. You'll find all the replacement batteries you could need right here at such as Acer Laptop Batteries,Toshiba Laptop Batteries,Sony Vio Laptop Batteries You should be using your battery regularly. If you鈥檙e using your laptop on AC power, most sources recommend unplugging the battery and storing it in a cool place, such as your fridge (but not your freezer, cold is good but freezing is bad). Several sources also recommend never keeping it fully charged if you鈥檙e using your AC adapter. The downside of a fully charged battery seems to be a higher temperature, and thus a quicker degradation. Expect a brief guide on how to ensure your adapter keeps your battery life at the % you want it at soon! Once again however, it should be repeated; use your battery. Several sources agree that you ought to make use of battery until it鈥檚 at 10-20% juice left then recharge it at least one time every 2 or 3 weeks. Fully using the battery isn鈥檛 suitable for Lithium Ion batteries; although some people might sources recommend emptying it following a certain amount of partial charges (20-30 or even more in some instances) and then fully re-charging it. Users such as myself, who use the laptop much like a desktop, always plugged into the AC adapter, seldom if ever actually use their batteries, which may explain why my old laptop's battery died after exactly 2 yrs. These appear to be the most crucial methods in extending the life span of the battery, however there exist some minor tricks you should use as well. Changing your power settings; you can adjust the profile you wish to use to maximize battery life for the sake of performance. Simply right click your battery icon and choose properties then select among the profiles available.Decrease your screen鈥檚 brightness; pretty straightforward, less brightness means less energy being consumed.Switch off virtual memory; virtual memory means your pc uses parts of your hard disk as temporary ram. Communicating to your disk is energy intensive. Be economical; this is pretty straightforward, if you're running your laptop on its battery, try to run fewer things, try to use less peripheral devices, be as conservative in what you utilize as you can. If its your turn to treat yourself to a new Laptop Battery,Acer Laptop Battery or Toshiba Laptop Battery or Maybe even a Sony Viao Laptop Battery then we have all the Acer Laptop batteries Toshiba Laptop Batteries Sony Viao Laptop Batteries you could wish for all under one roof.
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Toshiba Pc Batteries _2.
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