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pavilion dv7 battery
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 Esatap Useful Port For Computing

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PostSubject: Esatap Useful Port For Computing   Esatap Useful Port For Computing EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 3:38 pm

The high speed connectivity for external storage devices is called eSATAp. It connects devices like portable hard disk (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). ESATAp is also called as eSATA/USB combo port or Power Over eSATA. The speed of the connection is 3 times the speed of USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Firewire 800. The device is also compatible with the USB technology and is also preferred for the latest versions of desktops and laptops. SATA or Serial ATA is used to connect many host bus adapters to storage devices like hard disks or huge optical drives. External SATA, which is also called eSATA, is SATA with an external version. It is used for connecting external devices, for example, external hard drives. ESATAp is External SATA Power Port connected with a USB Port in a single hub.
ESATAp is compatible with both USB and eSATA devices. However, it cannot be connected to both at the same time. The connection does not require installation of new software as this is a default service in all the computers. On notebooks, eSATAp ports provide a maximum power of 5V, whereas on desktops, it provides 12V of power. They are solely used for running of hard disks or optical drives. eSATAp is very useful for applications such as data recovery or backup. It provides connectivity to large drives where files and documents can be stored as backup. Most of the large files are stored such as video files, games and huge projects.
ESATAp is already configured in the new desktops being made available these days. Therefore, it does not require for us to use any other ports, brackets or express cards to connect our system to eSATAp ports. This is a huge and revolutionary find in the technological field. Software is found every day but hardware changes do not occur daily. Therefore, it should be considered as a great boon to all computer freaks. Thus, eSATAp is the talk of the town and will continue to be so until something new crops up.

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Esatap Useful Port For Computing
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