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 10 Tips to Help Your iPhone 4 Battery Life

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PostSubject: 10 Tips to Help Your iPhone 4 Battery Life    Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:01 pm

The battery life within the iPhone 4 has been outstanding so far, exceeding our expectations to get longevity during testing. We抳e only had awhile to use the mobile, but in the about a week we抳e been carrying the extender as our main mobile, we抳e had pretty awesome results under normal to help heavy use. 1. You should definitely kill those apps which can be running in the qualifications for nothingThere's nothing more advanced than finding out one of one's favorite apps finally acquired an update, but seek to wait until you're attached to Wi-Fi before downloading whatever updates. Each time a strong app is updated, all of the application file must be downloaded from your App Store. If the particular app is large, getting over 3G will invariably impact Iphone 4G Strength Battery life negatively. Downloads over Wi-Fi are much quicker and require significantly a lot less power. The best method however, is to wait until you're linked to your computer and for you to download any app updates in iTunes against your Mac or PC. To put on the newly downloaded up-dates, simply sync your apple iphone 4g. 2. Turn off wifi if you抮e not using it (Settings > Wi-Fi and set Wi-Fi so that you can Off)Wi-Fi is another giant area of debate with regard to iPhone 4 battery daily life. Logic might dictate that when Wi-Fi is on, energy is it being used so the result might be shorter Car Charger intended for iphone life. In training however, moving data via Wi-Fi requires a reduced amount of power than moving statistics via 3G. As these kinds of, many find that abandoning Wi-Fi on will literally increase battery life -- dramatically in reality. If you don't often gain access to a Wi-Fi network consequently obviously this tip is simply not for you. For whoever has wireless networks at place, at the office or in the local coffee shop yet, the more you is able to use Wi-Fi, the better. 3. Shut off 3G if you don抰 require it (Settings > General > Network and set Make it possible for 3G to Off)This tip should only be taken if absolutely necessary needless to say, but 3G is with out question a battery mindblowing. If you absolutely really need to stretch your battery life out so long as possible, disabling 3G is the obvious way to do just that. Head over to Settings -> General -> Circle and toggle 3G to be able to off. Note that data speeds will probably be reduced and the phone won't support simultaneous voice together with data while 3G is usually disabled. 4. Turn away from Push Notifications (Settings > Announcements and set Notifications to help you Off)Further to number some above, the less moment your display is with, the better. In Options -> General -> Auto-Lock, opt for the 1 Minute option. 5. Shut off Bluetooth (Settings > Normal > Bluetooth and set Wireless to Off)Bluetooth headsets and also car kits are superbly convenient but when they're not utilized, Bluetooth should be switched off. Bluetooth on the apple iphone 4 is constantly searching for your new device to connect with only when it's not in use and also unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to turn the research feature off. While powering a Bluetooth radio takes a minimal amount of energy, the constant seeking will indeed dramatically lower battery life. 6. Shut off Push Email (Settings > Send, Contacts, Calendars > Get New Data and establish Push to Off)7. Get new data manually (Settings > Send, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and even tap Manually)A smartphone's capacity to keep email, contacts and calendar items in sync above the air is an most critical necessity. The process in connecting to remote web servers and exchanging data yet, is an obvious drain around the battery. The iPhone 4 is not any exception of course, but Apple has given users lots of control over how often the iPhone fetches new records. In Settings -> Send, Contacts, Calendars -> Get New Data, try setting Fetch to Every a half-hour or even Hourly when possible. Moreover, for email or calendar accounts which might be used infrequently go in order to Settings -> Mail, Acquaintances, Calendars -> Fetch Fresh Data -> Advanced. Set each trivial account to Manual as an alternative to Fetch. With this setting up configured, these accounts will retrieve new data as soon as their relative applications tend to be opened. So, email accounts set to Manual will grab new emails if the Mail app is open and calendar accounts will simply sync when the Appointment setting app is opened. 8. Go through a full charge cycle every day (charge the battery that will 100% and completely work it down)Most people tend to purchase the habit of asking phones overnight. While there exists much debate regarding if charging habits affect electric life and longevity, many experts agree this over-charging a Lithium Ion battery really can reduce its performance as time passes. In other words, over time a full charge will likely not last as long intended for someone who regularly leaves their own iPhone 4 plugged in overnight because it would for someone who unplugs the iphone once it is wholly charged. As a basic rule, try to wait until your phone battery is almost empty before charging that. Once your battery is full, unplug it by its charger. Getting into this habit is perfect for your battery and it will work for the environment as nicely. The battery in the apple iphone 4g charges in about an hour or so, so there is certainly no reason to leave a handset plugged in overnight while you sleep. 9. Turn off vibrateIn public areas along with noisy environments, a phone's vibrate function is perfectly essential. In quieter environments where you'll hear your iPhone 4's songs notifications however, disable the vibrate feature at Settings -> Sounds and toggling Vibrate inside of the Ring heading to apart. Similarly, disable the vibrate feature within games besides other apps whenever possible. 10. Auto-adjust Lumination (Settings > Brightness and set Auto-Brightness to On)A very simple to use tweak that will have a dramatic impact on apple iphone 4 battery life is getting smaller the display brightness. Apple uses fantastic screens in its portable devices but they also require a significant amount of power to illuminate individuals. The good news however, is that they are still extremely viewable when the brightness is rejected. Try lowering the brightness in Settings -> Lumination to bet60% - 75%, reduced the better of course.
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10 Tips to Help Your iPhone 4 Battery Life
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