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 12 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

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PostSubject: 12 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life   Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:02 pm

Anyone who's used a good iPhone or iPhone 3G for three days has discovered that while these to are more powerful, and a lot more fun, than perhaps all other cell or smart cell phone, one place they won't excel is battery existence. Any halfway intensive new iphone 4 user will recharge their phone just about every day.
There are tips on how to conserve iPhone battery living, of course, but many islands involve turning off companies and features, which helps it be a choice between lots of the cool things that the iPhone are capable of doing and having enough juice to complete them.
Here are 12 tips to acquire the most out of one's iPhone battery life.
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1. Turn on Auto-Brightness
The iPhone has some sort of ambient light sensor which adjusts the brightness of the screen using the light around it. Turn this feature on will probably save battery because your screen might want to use less power within bright places.
Find that in Settings -&gt; Lumination
2. Reduce Screen Settings
Users can control the default brightness belonging to the screen. Needless to tell you, the brighter the default setting in the screen, the more battery it does take. Keep the screen dimmer to store more of your electric battery.
Find it in Locations -&gt; Brightness
3. Immediately turn Bluetooth Off
Bluetooth wireless networking is specially useful for cell telephone users with wireless headphones or earpieces. But transmitting data mobile takes battery and leaving Bluetooth upon accept incoming data from start to finish requires even more liquid. Turn off Bluetooth except when using it to squeeze more juice through your battery.

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Realize it's in Settings -&gt; All round
4. Turn Off 3G
The iPhone 3G and later models run on two cellular networks, EDGE additionally, the faster 3G. Not amazingly, using 3G requires more battery life to see the quicker speeds and higher-quality phone calls. It's tough to set off slower, but if you will need more battery, turn off 3G and use EDGE. Your battery last longer (though you'll require it when you're downloading web pages more slowly! ).
Realize it's in Settings -&gt; All round -&gt; Network
5. Continue WiFi Off
The other sorts of high-speed network that the iPhone can hook up with is WiFi. WiFi is certainly even faster than 3G, though it's only available where there may be a hotspot, not virtually just about everywhere like 3G. Keeping WiFi turned on from start to finish in hopes that an open hotspot look is a sure option to drain your battery daily life. So, unless you're making use of WiFi right this following, keep it turned shut off.
Find it in Locations -&gt; WiFi
6. Power down Location Services
One with the coolest features of the actual iPhone 3G is the country's built-in GPS. This allows your phone to know what your address is and give your distinct driving directions, give that information to apps that aid restaurants, and more. Though, like any service that sends data on a network, it needs battery to the office. If you're not making use of Location Services, and don't will right away, turn your ex boyfriend off and save several power.
Find it with Settings -&gt; General
7. Immediately turn Data Push Off
The iPhone 3G will be set to automatically suck email together with other data down to this or, for some different types of accounts, have the data pushed out with it whenever new data results in being available. You're probably realized maintain that accessing wireless sites costs you battery everyday living, so turning push down will extend your battery's living. With push off, you will set your email to be sure of periodically or do it manually (see your next tip for more on this).
Find it with Settings -&gt; Mail, Partners, Calendar -&gt; Fetch Different Data
8. Fetch Email address Less Often
The less your phone really ought to access a network, the less battery is commonly employed. So, set your phone to examine your email accounts a smaller amount often. Try checking each hour or, if you're resolute about saving battery, hand. Manual checks means beneath the thick just have email looking ahead to you on your contact, but you'll also stop the red battery image.
Find it in Locations -&gt; Mail, Contacts, Appointment setting -&gt; Fetch New Info
9. Auto-Lock Sooner
You can set the iPhone to automatically get to sleep 鈥? also known as Auto-Lock - after a modicum of time. The sooner the item sleeps, the less power is commonly employed to run the display or other services. Try setting Auto-Lock to a couple minutes.
Find it with Settings -&gt; General -&gt; Auto-Lock
10. Achieve Less-Battery-Intensive Things
Not all tips on how to save battery life entail settings. Some of them involve like you would use the phone. Things that require the unit be on for a long time, or use a great deal of system resources, suck quite possibly the most battery. These things include things like movies, games, and browsing cyberspace. If you need to store battery, limit your consumption of battery-intensive apps.
11. Sleep at night and Wake Less
Often putting your phone to make sure you sleep and waking this up will drain wide variety life. Of course these functions are frequent parts of using the htc desire, but you can even be judicious in your turning on / off of the phone together with save battery life in addition.
12. Buy an Extensive Life Battery
If everything else fails, just get far more battery. A few accessory producers offer extended life batteries to your iPhone. If you need a whole lot battery life that none the hands down tips help you adequate, an extended life battery has to be your best bet. With an individual, you'll get days more standby time and plenty of hours more use. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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12 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life
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