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pavilion dv7 battery
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 USB Memory Stick - Almost Magic

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PostSubject: USB Memory Stick - Almost Magic   USB Memory Stick - Almost Magic EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:07 pm

Do you have a USB memory stick aka Thumb Drive? These computer related data devices are selling like hot cake these days. USB memory sticks are great to move data files from one computer to another, but there are many other things you can do with a USB memory stick. While many IT professionals already use memory sticks for advanced functionality, many consumers don't even know that additional functionality exist. As an example, you can host an entire array of mobile applications on a memory stick. One of the most popular applications for this purpose is the portable Firefox. Firefox is a great open source web browser and the portable version allows you to use it even on locked down computers at work or in a public library. Just plug-in the memory stick and off you go. There is a large array of applications available - including FTP software as well. Another example: If you are a web developer rotating between work and home to do your work and you want to develop websites a USB Thumb Drive can be a lifesaver. Developers often need to have a unique development environment while working on different computers. No matter which computer you use, the development environment has to match 100%. So, with a USB Drive at your hand, why not install a so-called LAMP configuration on your USB stick?! What does LAMP stand for? LAMP is shortened for "Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP" and represents everything you need to develop websites. One install and you can carry your development environment with you at any time. And yes - you can actually boot an entire operating system from a USB stick.Another great feature is that you can use your memory stick for increased computer security. This is one of my favorites actually. Search the web for the Predator application and you can turn your USB stick into a device that is needed to log into your computer. Once you pull the USB stick out, nobody can log into your computer. The USB Stick (and the associated application) is needed to unlock your computer. USB memory sticks can also be used to be a multimedia player (think iPod) or as a mobile video movie player with an attached movie library. If you run Windows Vista a memory stick can be used to expand your computer's memory - as long as it is Ready Boost certified. Many older computers cannot carry more physical memory and so the memory expansion via USB memory stick is a cheap and easy way to make that old computer go the extra mile and to reduce the need for a new computer.

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USB Memory Stick - Almost Magic
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